My Pet Go Bag: Easy-to-Use Pet Emergency Kits

Don’t wait until the emergency arrives, prepare now to care for your furry family members in a disaster. My Pet Go Bag is a water-resistant, compact, and lightweight kit equipped with everything you’ll need for your pet in an emergency. My Pet First Aid Kit is a fully-stocked, compact kit that contains everything you need for on-site care.

My Pet Go Bag    My Pet First Aid Kit

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Everything your pup will need for up to five days in an emergency.

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Everything your feline friend needs for up to five days in a disaster.

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Everything you need for on-site wound care & triage of your pet.

About the Pet Emergency Kit

Easy to transport in an emergency and conveniently stored in a quick open/close backpack, the kit contains:

  • Pet First Aid Kit & Guides
  • Emergency Water Rations
  • Food & Water Bowl
  • Folding Litter Box (Cat Bag Only)
  • Leash
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About the Pet First Aid Kit

  • Fully-stocked kit for on-site wound care for your pet
  • All packed in a convenient carry case
  • Includes a Pet First Aid Guide with instructions for common first aid needs.
  • Pet first aid kit is included in the VEMA Pet Emergency Kit!
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Include your entire family in your disaster plan. Get My Pet Go Bag today!