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Does your disaster preparedness plan include your entire family?

Many have learned in recent years of the importance of emergency preparedness in case of natural disaster or other emergencies. Unfortunately, a large percentage of pet owners are unprepared for disasters and emergencies when it comes to their pet. More than 50 percent of pet owners are not adequately prepared to take care of their pet in the event of a disaster.

Your pet is entirely dependent upon you to ensure their physical and emotional well-being. VEMA (Veterinary Emergency Medical Assistance) is the only pet emergency kit available made specifically for animals by veterinarians!

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Pet Emergency Food Rations

  • Our emergency dog/cat food is one of a kind high-quality gastrointestinal food that has a 5-year shelf life.
  • Each packet contains 2 servings per 30lb dog x 1 day.
  • Comes with an easy container to hold all rations that converts into a pet food/water bowl.

VEMA Pet Emergency Kit:

  • Water-resistant bag prevents damage to the contents of the kit!
  • Compact & lightweight makes the kit easy to transport.
  • Easy open & close for quick access to the supplies you need.
  • Each food ration bag will feed a pet for 3-5 days and has a 5-year shelf life!

Pet First Aid Kit

  • Fully-stocked kit for on-site wound care for your pet
  • All packed in a convenient carry case
  • Includes a Pet First Aid Guide with instructions for common first aid needs.
  • Pet first aid kit is included in the VEMA Pet Emergency Kit!

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A portion of proceeds go towards The Little Angels Project Disaster Relief Program, helping animals affected by disasters.