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Does your disaster preparedness plan include your entire family?

Many have learned in recent years of the importance of emergency preparedness in case of natural disasters or other emergencies. Unfortunately, a large percentage of pet owners are unprepared for disasters and emergencies when it comes to their pets. More than 50 percent of pet owners are not adequately prepared to take care of their pets in the event of a disaster, many with no pet disaster preparedness in place at all.

Your pet is entirely dependent upon you to ensure their physical and emotional well-being. VEMA (Veterinary Emergency Medical Assistance) is the only pet emergency kit available made specifically for animals by veterinarians!

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pet disaster preparednessWho We Are

On December 4, 2017, the Thomas Fire burned from Ventura to Santa Barbara County. That massive wildfire killed 15 people and destroyed more than 2,800 homes and other structures.

Darlene Hernandez Geekie, RVT and founder of Veterinary Angels Medical Center, knew animals and their owners needed help. She provided veterinary assistance and in responding to the need created the Little Angels Project HELP Program. The goal to provide low and zero-cost care during a disaster.

A year later in November 2018, the Woolsey Fire exploded and she assembled a group of vets and vet techs that provided care to over 300 animals. What was immediately apparent as a common thread to both incidents was pet owners were not prepared to evacuate or care for their pets. In fact, many forget the most basic things such as food, litter and found that not having vet records could keep them from being in a shelter.

Darlene combined her veterinary experience with her entrepreneurial spirit and set out to design a go-bag and first aid kit that pet owners could use for an incident at home or a major emergency.

disaster preparedness for petsWhy We’re Different

VEMA Kits are designed to be highly visible, contain veterinary grade products that are meant to stick to fur, and treatment that is safe for pets since human products can be toxic to them. These are not human products modified for animal use: these are products specifically designed to care for your pet. Our kits have had input to create from veterinarians, first responders, and disaster survivors.

When you are told to evacuate, you do not have much time to get what you need and leave. Having everything in one place saves time and can save lives. You are already stressed trying to get the cat in the carrier and dog on its leash – now you have to think about what you need for them.

We have made the decision for you with a collapsible litter box, food for a stomach that may be upset from fear, and products you need to care for them up to five days. The importance of these items becomes clear if you arrive at an evacuation center that does not allow pets and you have to shelter in your car or in a hotel – where you have no supplies to assist you.

Having a kit is important, having one that is easy to use is critical. If you are responsible for your pet’s care, we want you to be confident in how to use the products and their quality.

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Veterinary Emergency Medical Assistance

What We Do

True to our roots, the VEMA team continues to support disaster relief efforts both with supplies and volunteering in times of need. A portion of proceeds goes towards The Little Angels Project Disaster Relief Program, helping animals affected by disasters. To learn more about the Little Angels Project and their various programs for providing medical aid and disaster relief, click here.

As an organization, we work to educate pet parents on the importance of pet disaster preparedness and what the most important elements of your pet emergency plan should be. To view some of our curated resources, visit the Pet Care Center.

We also have the VEMA Pro series for first responders. This kit enables firefighters, rangers, and rescuers to handle animal-related problems until they can get to veterinary aid.

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